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    Discussion 1:

    The concept of 3-F Method

    It’s a method used in cloud computing, and the abstraction of the enormous-data, 3-f method is also used to help countries and organizations implement development strategies that are innovative while promoting industrial transformation. The technique was established so that it can assist in the talent search. It is used to research on the distribution of talent around the globe and whether such skills are needed in particular countries (Zhao, 2017). The 3-f method works by calculating individual brain gain index and the demand for top talent. It focuses on the keyword’s frequency in highly cited papers, and then it uses keywords while searching for top talent in the science web. It determines whether the country needs to introduce talent in specific areas of specialization abroad.

    The 3-f method should be introduced in the United States, especially by utilizing bibliometrics since big data and cloud computing are emerging industrial fields worth investing in. The method can be used to outsource technological mastery hence assisting this sector to flourish. Most countries are encouraging for the migration of foreign workforce since their labor plays a critical role in the decelerating the already declining national workforce. The United States can boost their talents by even setting up courses of data analytics for talent cultivation in various institutions of higher learning. Th 3-f method is an effective concept that has been proven beneficial in identifying and assessing talents if the United States introduces the method in their industrial sector, especially in the big data and cloud computing. They can attract top talents from countries like China whose technological talent index is about 2.6.



    Zhao, L., Huang, Y., Wang, Y., & Liu, J. (2017, July). Analysis of the Demand of Top Talent Introduction in Big Data and Cloud Computing Field in China Based on the 3-F Method. In 2017 Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology (PICMET) (pp. 1-3). IEEE.

    Discussion 2:

    The 3-F Method is a 3 step procedure that has been developed to help in the delivery anddescription of top talents around the world and help in the decision-making process. Big data isan emerging industrial sector helping in the invention and innovation strategies to improve andpromote organization revolutions. Skilled individuals in the USA are working towards theimprovement and development of big data, particularly the top talents of the decision-makingprocess. The grain brain is the only index used in the 3-F calculation to find the top talent in theunited states. Immigration is considered a critical tool in filling up the declining workforce. Tocultivate top talents, universities have set courses aimed at developing these talents.Bibliometrics methods used, demands that to acquire top talents in the 3-F Method have to beused and calculated in the following steps. The first step involves finding literature files andcreating an impactful literature record in a given field (Miah, Vu, Gammack, & McGrath, 2017).High-rated keywords in the impactful literature can be used in the text examination methodduring the research. The impactful literature denotes the literature acquired in the journal papers,which are only cited from papers belonging to the same field and the same year. The second stepinvolves recovering the important words from the internet to identify the specific location of toptalent.The top talent is acquired through a collection of literature regarding informationsearched on the country its distribution and institution. The top talent is acquired by typing thefirst author or the respondent author on the impactful literature records (Zhao, Huang, Wang &Liu, 2017). The final step is identifying the brain grain through the introduction of the top talentaccording to a specific country in this paper, and the analysis will be conducted in the USA. Toanalyze the top talents, the 3-F Method should be used as demanded the big data introduction(Torres, Galicia, Troncoso, & Martínez-Álvarez, 2018). The US is top worldwide when it comes 3-F METHOD 3to the distribution of top talents nationally. In the big data field, the United States needs toproduce top talents since it makes up the top cream in terms of institutions; an example isHarvard University. The bibliometric Method should be used to analyze top talents in the USconsidering their brain grain index. Currently, there exist policies that are being used to attracttop talents.

    References Torres, J. F., Galicia, A., Troncoso, A., & Martínez-Álvarez, F. (2018). A scalable approachbased on deep learning for big data time series forecasting. Integrated Computer-AidedEngineering, 25(4), 335-348.Miah, S. J., Vu, H. Q., Gammack, J., & McGrath, M. (2017). A big data analytics method fortourist behavior analysis. Information & Management, 54(6), 771-785.Zhao, L., Huang, Y., Wang, Y., & Liu, J. (2017). Analysis of the Demand of Top TalentIntroduction in Big Data and Cloud Computing Field in China Based on the 3-F Method.In 2017 Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering andTechnology (PICMET) (pp. 1-3). IEEE.