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1. A teacher has begun progress monitoring her students’ math skills. She has decided to give them weekly probes that assess the skills they are working on. In order to score the probes and track progress she has decided to calculate the percentage of problems correct. What might be a more effective way to track progress and why?

2. There are two different types of math CBM progress monitoring probes. One is a skill specific probe and the other is a general probe with various problem types. Provide a definition of each probe and an example of when each type would be most appropriate to use.

3. Before beginning to work with a student who had scored low on a reading screening measure, the intervention specialist administered 2 more reading CBM measurements. She then implemented an intervention and utilized CBM’s to track the student’s progress weekly toward their goal. What was the purpose of administering 2 more CBMs before beginning the intervention and what should the specialist be doing with this data as she is collecting it?

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