Analysis Paper

Topic:Preventing Concussions-Concept Analysis Paper

Type of paper: Essay (any type)

Discipline: Health Care and Life Sciences : Nursing

Format or citation style: APA

Concept Analysis Paper

Topic: Prevention/education of Concussions in pediatric population

Content to be covered in paper:

1.    Concept of interest that has relevant to your practice and may be helpful to your DNP project.

2.    All paper’s share the same purpose that is to apply the principles of concept analysis using Walker and Avant’s methodology and improve communication of the concept for use in clinical practice.

3.    Identify all uses of the concept that can be discovered. Use many different sources e.g. dictionaries, thesauruses, research/literature databases, personal accounts from friends and colleagues. Look beyond nursing, medicine, health professions literature to see how other disciplines define and use the concept.

4.    Defining attributes of the concept e.g. what characteristics make up your concept and which characteristics do not.

5.    Model case – an example of your concept that has all the defining attributes.

6.    Contrary case – an example that does not depict your concept.

7.    Antecedents (events or incidents that must occur or be in place before concept happens) and consequences (events or incidents that occur as a result of the occurrence of the concept. Students should include a figure, similar to the one below, to display this information along with a written summary that explaining the figure.

Figure 1

8.    Empirical referents e.g. these are objective criteria that define the concept. This section should not be limited to a list of tools or instruments that measure the concept but rather a written summary of the objective characteristics included in the tool to measure the concept.

9.    The Walker and Avant Chapter 10 and are resources for how to do the concept analysis. The following are examples of concept analysis using the Walker and Avant methodology from the publish literature:

10.    Paper length is 8-10 pages not including title page and references.

*****You need to create the figure/diagram stated in instructions

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