Evidence Based Project-6

Define and explain battered women’s (or person’s) syndrome. Research several cases involving the syndrome. You can start your research by reviewing Cornell University’s review of the syndrome as well as the case of Barbara Sheehan:

https://courses2.cit.cornell.edu/sociallaw/student_projects/BatteredWomanSyndrome.htm (Links to an external site.)

http://www.purpleberets.org/barbarasheehan_trial.html (Links to an external site.)

Using the scenario below, determine if battered women’s syndrome could be used at trial. What legally is needed in court to determine battered women’s syndrome? Does the scenario display the necessary legal requirements? Why or why not? If you were on the jury, would you find the defendant guilty? Why or why not? If you find the defendant guilty, what should be the punishment? Why?  Submit a one page essay response.

For example:

Jennifer Miller, a 46-year-old female second grade teacher with no prior criminal history, was arrested several weeks ago and charged with murdering her husband; Sean Miller, a 48-year-old male, was a wealthy accountant and did not have a criminal history. Evidence shows Sean was stabbed seven times in the back, causing his death. Jennifer claims after a night of wine tasting, Sean continued to abuse Jennifer verbally and assault her by striking her in the head and neck several times. Jennifer also claims Sean has a long history of domestic abuse and womanizing. Jennifer states that the abuse occurred about 2 years into their 20-year marriage. Detectives testify wine bottles were found in the kitchen along with the murder weapon. Jennifer did have cuts on her hands and one on her right arm. Police testified that they were never called to the residence prior to the night of the murder.