PUA5306 Unit III Case Study


Select a special interest group from the link below:

Using your selected special interest group, write a two-page paper to answer the questions below. Use headings to indicate sections of your paper. Be sure to include supporting evidence for your main ideas.

  • Introduce the agency, its roles and functions.
  • Identify how the agency attains its members.
  • List any special affiliation services it provides to      its membership.
  • Classify what specific public policy category it      attempts to advance and how it goes about having its interests applied in      policy development.
  • Reference association conferences it has held, and      identify what issues and solutions were addressed.
  • List past organizational conferences it has held, and identify      what issues and solutions were addressed.
  • List any watchdog functions, such as monitoring the      actions of congressional member voting records.
  • What is the draw to become a member in the group you      have selected? What political interest does the agency serve?
  • Summarize the agency’s success at influencing public      policy.