Accounting Discussion

Tehra Dactyl is an accountant for Skeds, Inc., a footwear and apparel company. The company’s revenue and net income have increased by more than 100% over the past three years. During the same period, Tehra and her colleagues in the Accounting Department have not received a raise or salary increase. Frustrated by not receiving a raise while the company has thrived, Tehra has begun submitting expense reimbursements for personal purchases. Tehra has a good relationship with her supervisor, and he simply “signs off” on Tehra’s expense reimbursements. Tehra suspects that he knows that she is submitting personal expenses for reimbursement and is “looking the other way” because Tehra has not received a raise in the past three years.

Are Tehra and her supervisor acting in an ethical manner? Why?

 Write at least 2 paragraphs  (minimum of 200 words total)