Read the handout Actions attached below looking for Political Science terms.

Identify 10 political science/history/economics terms in the handout. Alternatively, you can choose persons/places/events discussed in the handout, or a combination of terms and persons, etc.

Define those terms or research those persons, etc, using credible sources.

don’t plagiarize. Summarize the content, but feel free to use lots of quotes

make sure the definition is very complete. A definition should answer more questions than it creates

Quote the author’s (Fukuyama’s) use of the term

Use that word or person or place, etc, in your own sentence


Examples of terms:

serfdom, low-level equilibrium trap, Melanesia, Nietzsche, bureaucracy…

Examples of terms NOT to use:

advent, embedded, emulated, etc (these are not political in nature)

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