Documents And Website Content As Data Sources For A Qualitative Study

Websites and social media sites can provide important sources of data that will help expand your understanding of the stakeholders who are connected to the phenomena you are exploring.

Walden has devoted an entire website to making visible its actions and activities about social change. At the social change website, you will find videos, annual reports, text, and images. As you explore this data source, consider what text, images, and reports you would like to include as part of your data analysis exercise.

Read Aguinis and Glavass (2012) article called, What We Know and Don’t Know About Corporate Social Responsibility: A Review and Research Agenda. (Attached)

Then, explore the Walden Social Change website  and locate an additional document, video, or webpage that will inform your understanding of the meaning of positive social change. Reflect on any additional sources you find.

Then answer the following questions:

1. Provide an Article Summary of Aguinis and Glavass (2012

2. If you used any Additional source, list the source (cite in APA) then provide a brief summary of this source.

3. Provide a Meaning of Positive Social Change

4. Based on the article and additional sources that you have read, what is your interpretation of social change that is describe in the articles.

5. List the Role of Memos in Developing Interpretation

6. Describe how the analytic memo-ing process is shaping your experience of reading, interpreting and integrating sources.

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