Business Research Methods

I have Assignment for ( Business Research Methods )it’s about “The impact of social media on Learning” I have done by Ass 1 and I uploaded, because Ass 1 and 2 depends on each other Also I have done by survey and uploaded  So now I need Ass 2

Task of Ass 2: Preparing the Questionnaire;

·  Written report

·  Prepare a questionnaire for the topic you have already worked for Assignment 1.

·  Perform simple analysis and write your findings

·  Use excel to analyze and draw few charts to support


·  Explain your purpose in the introductory paragragh

·  There should be minimum 15 Questions based on the research objectives

·  The questionnaire should be properly formatted

(Justify the text, Use Font: Times New Roman, Font Size 12, and Line Spacing: 1.5)

·  References should be written in APA format

·  Plagiarized work will not be marked and get zero.

·  Submission of report is through Black Board

·  There will not be repetition of Assignment

Report Structure;

Should be continued in the Assignment I

Analysis & Findings


Annexure: Questionnaire


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