Report Analysis And Strategies

Analyze and report on queries and complex reports for findings, conclusion, and possible strategies

This assignment tasks you to use the queries and reports you have already generated to author a report to the board of directors of Statewide Landscape Design, LLC.  Here is the business scenario you find yourself in this week. Here is a brief summary of what you are faced with as the new CEO, COO, and Chairman of the board of Statewide Landscaping Services, LLC:

It is January of 2017 and the past CEO and Chairman of the Board has departed the company at the request of the board as of 21/1/2016.  Over the Christmas break, the board convened, and you were unanimously hired as the new CEO and COO.  At the same time, you were elected as the new Chairman of the board.  You have in your possession the reports of last year’s business levels, sales, customers and profits (the Access reports, plus additional information in the Attachment labeled “Statewide Landscape Design Business Scenario” (see below).  The board meets again this coming Monday and it is your responsibility to “digest” these five reports, summarize your findings from the 2016 data, draw conclusions regarding the business from last year, and recommend strategies to grow the company in 2017.  You know the business climate and 2016 results from the Access files and from information contained in the Statewide Landscape Scenario.

Your job is to analyze all of the reports and business scenario information for possible opportunities for growth.  Start your report by including all of your findings from the following:

1. The findings from your Excel file and analysis you completed in FILE 1.

2. The Queries you generated in MS Access FILE 2 and the reports you generated in MS Access FILE 3.

3. The data you analyze in the Statewide Landscape Design Business Scenario.

Once you have absorbed what you can learn from the three data sources above, then draw conclusions regarding what you see in the reports regarding areas of weakness along with areas of potential for improvement in profitability, improving referrals, creating more repeat business, expanding business in weak cities (you may need a new query and report for this). Finally, make recommendations for new strategies as to how the company may turn around the poor performance in 2014, 2015, and 2016 during the 2017 fiscal year.

Submission Requirements:
Your submission will be one Word report that contains two parts:

The first part of your report constitutes your narrative explanation of the business and your recommendations for improvement.

The second part will include two tables of data for which there are blank tables created for you to use in the”Statewide Landscape Design Business Scenario” file.

The first section, the narrative shall be between 3 and 5 pages (double spaced) of narrative in Microsoft Word (excluding title page, references, and tables).  The narrative portion of your report should include the following elements:

1. Narrative between 3 and 5 pages (double spaced) in Word (excluding title page, reference page, and two tables at the end of the report

2. Complete the tables in the attachment and include these at the end of the report

3. Include one or more additional tables built from the reported data in the Access Reports (build these in Word)

4. Include one or more graphs or charts that provide visual representations of the data summaries in the reports

5. The narrative section of your report should have the following organization:

o Title Page with a title, company name, and author’s name

o A subsection labeled “Data Analysis” – This includes key summaries of the data (here is a good place to use one or more tables, charts, and graphs

o A subsection labeled “Findings” – This section explains your findings from the data (these are what you “see” in the data regarding the business in 2016 when you look at the 5 reports.  This section should also include some of your connection between the business climate and the data in the reports)

o A subsection labeled “Conclusions” – This section includes what conclusions you draw from both the data and the business scenario (above)

o A subsection labeled “Recommendations” – This section includes your recommendations for refocusing the business to begin growing again in 2017

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