Reflection Paper Week 1 For (Noorfatima)

There are several articles and videos on the Green New Deal.  What is your reaction Reactions to Environment and EJ? The Green New Deal? How is this relevant to your community? Your workplace?

To answer the question for your workplace, please use my workplace for US Army Corps of Engineers in the city of San Francisco. Pretend you are there and talk about it

Just in case you don’t know, here is the definition of The Green New Deal (GND)- The Green New Deal is a congressional resolution that lays out a grand plan for tackling climate change

Make sure you answer each question by writing the questions and then answer it.

In thinking about your response to these questions, consider the “3 E’s” (as well as the additional E’s pointed out in Wheeler, Ch. 4) This is located in the book of Planning for Sustainability, pg. 62. The link is Make sure all your response to each question includes the 3 Es as explained

Provide a reflection on this topic call The Green New Deal.

Instructions: Write a 2 page single space, time romans, 12 fonts with intext-citation and the provide references below. In order for the professor to give me credit for bonus points, any additional readings used must be mentioned in citations.  So please do so, I may need the extra points later in class????

Here is the link for the videos:

Links to articles: