NO EXTENSION/PRICE NOT NEGOTIABLE Project Management Discussion Board – 400 Words – 1 Scholarly Reference

Consider a project you know, either from experience or from research. Even though we focus on what went well on projects, we must also be mindful of those things that did not meet our expectations. Your textbook author described things to keep in mind that may cause difficulty in using KPIs.

  • Explain how KPIs can fail the project, and bad habits that project managers and project teams can get into in selecting KPIs.
  • Then, explain how your chosen project successfully or unsuccessfully used KPIs.

Support your statements and conclusions using at least one readings and one peer-reviewed scholarly article. Current means that the article was published in the most recent five years. Be sure to include your citation/reference pair in accordance with CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA (Links to an external site.).