Complete An Essay , 2 Pages

 Borders: Transnational Migration and the U.S./Mexican Border

Your task for Essay 1 is to (1) interpret the film A Better Life, (2) support your interpretation with specific scenes from the film  and (3) offer a comment on migration or immigration in general


Audience:Your audience for this project includes a mixed audience of people interested, but not necessarily well-versed in, the topic of migration or immigration—for example, college students on a college campus or community members in a public setting.


Purpose:Your purpose for this assignment is a) to build consciousness on the topic you’ve chosen to focus on, b) maximize the audience for which your perspective on the topic is convincing, and c) demonstrate the following Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs):

  1. Critically read, analyze, compare, and evaluate complex literary texts with the objective of identifying a text’s genre elements and its premises and assumptions in various social, historical, cultural, psychological, and/or aesthetic contexts.
  2. Analyze and employ logical and structural methods such as inductive and deductive reasoning; cause and effect; and ethos, pathos, and logos that are free of formal and informal fallacies in language and thought.
  3. Plan, write, and revise thesis-driven arguments to suit a variety of rhetorical situations, including interpretation, evaluation, and analysis, supporting them with a variety of appropriate textual evidence and examples and demonstrating use of common literary terms and appropriate conventions of academic discourse and literary analysis.
  4. Find, analyze, interpret, and evaluate primary and secondary sources, incorporating them into written work using appropriate documentation format without plagiarism.

Remember that the reading responses are essentially a draft of your first essay, so by the time you’re done with Reading Response 2, you’ll have the first 4 pages of your 6-page essay.


A  better life :

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