Essay Mid

The exam will be focused on a short story you will read in preparation for the exam question. A link is available below with a copy of the short story.First and foremost, the midterm is an essay exam, which means you must have an Introduction with Theme, Body Paragraphs with clear and focused Topic Sentences, and a ConclusionYour midterm essay is focused on the story alone, meaning you are writing it in light of the Intentional and Affective fallacies; you want to avoid committing either fallacies in your essay, so you want to avoid using phrases like “the author meant to say” and “the author intended to”, and also to avoid phrases like “I feel the story is saying” because ‘feel’ describes an affective response.When you wrote on Carver’s stories, emphasis was placed on establishing a clear Theme, whether for one of the stories or for the book as a whole; keep in mind that a Theme focuses on two things: 1) a topic and 2) what the story is saying about that topic.Your analysis of the story should be focused on the various literary elements: Plot, Setting, Point of View, Character, and Imagery. 3 pages

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