write a very short case report about a Mass Transit accident.  Choose one, either Body Found in River or a Mass transit accident (Train vs Car).

An example of a Mass Transit Accident, which you can use as your case, is attached, but please change the case a little.

Case Report

At 1100 hours on July 4th 2015, the answering service alerted the Medical Examiner Office, Mr. Thomas Smith reported at 1000 hours on June 4th 2014, a body at the Main St. railroad crossing in the town of Stonebridge. The decedent, John Conner, DOB 02/25/1935, SS# 999-99-9999, home address 21 Flower St., Stonebridge, NY 10001, was pronounced dead at 1050 hours, by Dr. Jones of Einstein Hosp. ER, via EMS on scene. The deceased was identified on scene by his wife and next of kin, Mable Conner, 908- 545-6222. She was also notified of his death and pending autopsy, on scene by this investigator at 1145 hours on July 4th 2015.


The location of the collision was a mixed industrial and residential area. The body was ejected from the vehicle and landed on the railroad crossing sign, which is called a cross- buck. The incident occurred at the Main St. railroad crossing in the town of Stonebridge, NY, 10000. The crossing was controlled by a flashing cross-buck and control gates, which were all working properly at the time of the incident. The incident occurred during daylight on a clear, dry day. The roadway is straight and level, with one lane of traffic traveling in each direction. Speed limit is 45 mph. This was a railroad train vs passenger car accident. The car was stationary. Breathalyzer tests for both drivers were negative. Charges are pending on Mr. Brennan.


The deceased’s, after being ejected from the front passengers side seat of the vehicle came to land on the cross-buck, 35 feet from the initial impact. Ambient temperature was 45 degrees Fahrenheit; axillary body temperature was 96 degrees Fahrenheit. The deceased’s torso was found wedged into the sign. Arms and legs were found hanging at the deceased’s side. Rigor mortis was not present, nor livor mortis. No evidence of post mortem changes or artifacts. Initial examination of deceased showed multiple lacerations and fractures to the torso as well as facial trauma and facial lacerations. Extensive blood loss was noted from the torso area. The deceased was dressed in winter clothing which included a heavy overcoat, pants, flannel long sleeved shirt and tee shirt. He was also wearing boots and socks. The body was removed from the sigh by this investigator after being place in a black plastic body bag.


The incident occurred when Ms. Conner, the driver, stopped her vehicle on the railroad crossing after being struck by a second vehicle on the left rear corner of her vehicle. The second vehicle, an SUV, had attempted to pass her and cross the tracks, before the gates

came down. The SUV, driven by Mr. Timothy Brennan, of Troy, NY struck the rear driver’s side bumper causing minor damage. After the collision, Ms. Conner attempted to follow Mr. Brennan’s SUV, but parked her car in the middle of the railroad crossing with her mentally disabled husband still inside the vehicle. Ms. Conner stepped out of the vehicle and began arguing with Mr. Brennan oblivious to the oncoming train. Mr. Conner did make a meek effort to exit the car, but was struck after only opening his passenger’s side door. The deceased was witnessed being struck while inside his vehicle, by a southbound Amtrak Acela locomotive, # 1000234 traveling from Boston to Washington D.C. at approximately 125 mph and operated by engineer George Samuels, at approximately 0940 hours, on July 4th 2014. The deceased, was initially in the front passenger’s seat of a Volkswagen Jetta, when struck and ejected from the vehicle.