Project Criminal Law

 Project: You must participate in a group project where all members of each group of 4 to 5 students will equally collaborate in a presentation describing a (one) real-life urban police department, or federal law enforcement agency, public defender’s office, or prosecutor’s offices, with national and international scope, including the organizational structure (listing specialized units and task forces that address the specific crimes that we covered in class, such as drug, homicide, robbery units, etc.), resulting conviction rate of arrests, and most recent crime prevention initiatives and policies, as well as current topics and recent media events related to the department. The project will be a group effort, which will culminate in a written power point presentation, which will be viewed by the entire class. Each student must prepare AND PRESENT 5 (five) power point slides toward the group presentation, containing their full names (as it appears on your college records). Each slide will consist of 20 points. Example: if a student contributes only 3 slides with their names on it, such student will receive 60 points toward the project, resulting in a “D” for said project.  Prof. Gilberto R. Izquierdo, J.D., LL.M/ CJL1100 – Criminal Law/ Social Sciences/ 305.237.2215 Page 4 of 6 a. The project will be graded per the below titled “Project Rubric” (page 5). Presentations will be given by each group. See the schedule below for the date when which you will present. You will be assigned groups during the semester. PRESENTATIONS MUST BE MADE VIRTUALLY VIA BLACK BOARD, THEREFORE YOU MUST LEARN HOW TO SHARE YOUR SLIDES VIA BLACKBOARD TO REC. Do this project on customs and border patrol I need 5 slides about current topics of customs and border patrol and crime prevention initiatives.