Discussion 3.2

Click on one of the links below to hear/see:

What is your favorite song that presents a strong message for social change? Don’t select one of the songs presented here for illustration purposes (those are my choices). Choose an artist and song of your own. Why? What is the message? Who is the artist or group? If you can, provide a link to the song on Youtube or another site.

Use the song title as your subject.

Listen to a few of your classmate’s song selections and comment.

In order to earn the full points  for this assignment, you must:

  • Directly and completely answer the questions.
  • Clearly and accurately explain your answer.
  • Compose a unified paragraph using effective sentence structure, word choice, and grammatical correctness.
  • Respond to another student’s post.

Reminder: Please make sure to comply with all Netiquette Guidelines listed in the Getting Started module.