You have an email from the Chief Information Officer, Ms. Boss:


I need you to handle the communication for big changes coming up at SeeMoji.  Investors need to be on board with our growth plan, and our staff members need to understand the logistics of our expansion.

My admin will send you the bullet points of what to include. It’s important to convey the information clearly; I need buy-in from everyone.


Ms. Boss
CIO, SeeMoji

You have an email from Patricia Baker, Ms. Boss’s Administrative Assistant:

Hi there,

I’m Ms. Boss’s admin.  Here are the bullet points she wants you to work with:

  • Size of office space will double, along with rent.
  • Staff size will double.
  • Payroll will be three times current payroll.
  • New hardware and software will be purchased at a cost of $500,000.
  • Emojis and emoji packages will be created more quickly.
  • Half of the new hires will be animation specialists.
  • Animated emojis will be a new product for  SeeMoji.
  • Prototype animated emojis have been very popular with customers.
  • Animated emojis are project to yield a two times increase in annual revenue.
  • All changes are part of a larger plan to improve SeeMoji’s business model.

Investors need to be notified of the changes with a formal letter, which will placed on Ms. Boss’s desk for her signature, so be sure it’s perfect!  Staff will be informed of the changes at our meeting next Monday.  I know you have another meeting that day, so prepare a short video (two to five minutes) that we can play for them.

Since you are new here, review the SeeMoji Document and Presentation Format Requirements file (under the Your Hired! section in Moodle).  Let me know if you have questions.

CIO Admin

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Document and Presentation Format Requirements DOCUMENT FORMAT

Why Do We Make Such a Fuss About Format?

Shouldn’t what we say be more important than how our documents look? The problem with that thought is that customers, clients, and others we deal with in business judge us and our employers by how our documents look.

For that reason, nearly every company has a format that they require for letters, emails, and reports. (This also often applies to blogs and website pages, although there may be someone who manages those sites and re-formats submissions you send them.) Many companies require a specific font, line spacing, margins, type size, and paragraph format for documents, especially those that go to customers, clients, or vendors.

So, the first thing you should do when you start work at a new company is to ask what format they require for various documents. This may be included in a separate style guide that will also tell you how certain words are spelled. Document Format Requirements

While you are at SeeMoji, please adhere to these guidelines for written documents and presentations.12-point type size – This is typical in business because it is readable for most people.Calibri, Times-Roman, or Arial font – These are typical, professional-looking fonts.Single-spaced, block format – Rather than indenting, place text at the left margin and use a blank line in between paragraphs.Left-justified text alignment – Left-justified text is easier to read than fully justified text.Under the Paragraph menu in Word, Spacing Before and After should be at 0, not 8 or 10. Add an extra return between paragraphs since you are removing the After spacing.
Note: If you don’t know how to set line spacing and removing the extra After spacing in Word, click on the next item titled “Setting Line Spacing in Word.”



FOR EMAILS, BLOG POSTS, LETTERS, AND MEMOS: Keep to one page whenever possible.Include a specific subject line for emails, blog posts and memos.Use the deductive organizational pattern for good or neutral news messages and the inductive organization pattern for bad news messages.       Click on the next documents for more details on format for memos and emails. VIDEO PRESENTATION FORMAT  For the best results:Limit yourself to 2-3 minutes.Use a simple background to avoid visual distractions.Use a quiet place to avoid audio distractions.Be sure your hands are visible so the audience can see your gestures. Use appropriate demeanor (smile to show enthusiasm or be serious when the subject warrants a less enthusiastic tone).Use Zoom to record the video and upload the URL.

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