Essay- Term Paper European Geography.

The essay is pretty straight forward.

Essay – Term paper

Europe Geography – Essay Assignment (50 points)
(minimum 1000 words and maximum 1250 words)

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Europe Geography – Essay Assignment (50 points)
(minimum 1000 words and maximum 1250 words)

Study in Europe

Did you know that over 1.4 million students from around the world came to Europe in 2012 for their higher education… and the numbers are growing every year.

With 1000s of universities, research centres and higher education institutions offering world-class study programmes, Europe is the place to be.

Source: “Welcome to Europe” Europe Commission,  <>

Imagine that after reading this statement on the European Commission web page, you have decided that you will study in Europe.

1) Tell us which university and country you chose and why. (10 points)
– Write a brief historical overview of the university.
– Describe the geographic location of the university and the country.

2) Write what influenced you to study in this university and country. (35 points)
– social and political conditions in the country
– cultural attractions of the country
– economic and academic opportunities available to foreign students
– other relevant factors

Support your statements with facts.

Make sure that you answer the questions listed above and include a bibliography at the end of your essay (minimum 5 sources).  MLA, APA, Chicago are all acceptable for this paper. (5 points)

Note: The word requirements are from 1000 to 1250 (50 points).  If you go over or under these word requirements, you will be penalized by the percentage you exceed the 1250 words or fail to reach the 1000 words.  The word count includes the bibliography.