Aging Interview Paper 8 Page Paper

 I Attached the instructions and the questions.

Iwant in my paper. The paper is is a semi structured interview.

The paper needs to be indepth rich data .

Dont write out questions and answers. It needs to be like for example George was asked about his current health conditions.

The first few questions of the paper should be about Demographics. For example

What is there race/ethnicity

What is there relationship status.

The paper should include one theory. I attached it.

For the paper don’t use words like “I said”, “I did ” make it about them

Explain why this theory applies best for them and why it applies best for the interview.

I want my elder name I’m interviewing to be Armando 70 years old.  I also attached the questions to put in the paper  it’s


Please  follow the instructions carefully

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