3 Assignments – 3 Different Attachments Please

1. A number of hypotheses have been formed regarding why people write viruses.  These hypotheses range from the frankly conspiratorial to the academically psychological.  Taking whatever position you feel is most likely, explain why you think people take the time and effort to write viruses.

  1. Copy and Paste Question:

Clearly and Thoroughly Answer the Question with at least 1 reference.

Remember:  Your answers need to be complete and thorough using proper spelling and grammar. Please answer this question with 2 short paragraphs.


Exercise 9.1 Setting Up a Firewall

Microsoft Windows (every version, since XP, including Windows 10) and Linux both offer built-in packet-filtering firewalls of some sort.

1. Using the documentation for whichever operating system you have, decide what packets you wish to block.

2. Set your firewall to filter those packets.

Your paper should be thorough and include detailed answers with screen shots of every step. Please also include references if needed ( online references, not old books please.


Module 5 – Firewall Comparison

Part 1

Download and evaluate two different software firewalls

Each evaluation should include

– Screenshot of the Firewall Running on your – A brief description of the software

o What do you like?

o What do you dislike?

o Was it easy to download and install?

o Was it east to figure out how to use the firewall?

o Did it try to install any adware with the firewall?

NOTE:  Make sure you completely uninstall the first firewall before attempting to install the second.  Failure to do so may cause your computer to slow down and/or lock up.

Part 2

Compare the two firewalls you just installed and evaluated.

Write a report comparing the two firewalls.  Feel free to use any screenshots you feel are necessary to complete your comparison.

Topics to include:

– How were the firewalls similar?

– How were the firewalls different?

– Which firewall had more options available to you?

– Which firewall did you like better?

o Why?

– Would you consider keeping either firewall on your system?

o Why/Why not?