Reflective Memo

Coronavirus has turned our lives upside down in a few weeks. I expect this has been a wrenching experience one way or another for each of you.

For this week’s assignment, please write a reflective memo to me telling me about how you are experiencing and dealing with coronavirus and all the changes at CPP for the last few weeks.

You may take any direction in this assignment that appeals to you.

You can write about how you feel or what experiences you have had in making the adjustments that we are all making.

You can take a humorous look at what is happening.

You can reflect on what you are seeing around you–reactions of different people, for example, or learning to adapt to having so many things that we rely on closing.

You can report what you feel about the responses of various governmental agencies or groups at CPP.

You can talk about any personal challenges you are having.

in short, you can write a document that is as personal to you or as objective as you feel comfortable writing. Anything you write will be held in confidence, so you can be as candid as you would like.

About length–I’d say 3-5 paragraphs or about 500 words or one page double spaced. If you would like to write more, go ahead. Just be sure that a longer document is well organized and doesn’t ramble. In other words, your document should be reasonably well organized and lucid. Please don’t just write something in stream-of-consciousness and turn