Growth And Resilience – 400-500 Words

Growth and Resilience

Significant research has taken place on the role of leadership and the importance for nonprofit organizations to survive and thrive through alternating periods of growth and resilience. Other work has revealed the ways in which service-focused enterprises have used leadership as a means to drive client satisfaction and identify organizational factors that are unique to successful and long-lived nonprofit corporations.

The overall goal of this discussion is to offer a view on the emerging consensus as to what ‘good leadership’ in the human services/nonprofit setting looks like. We will seek to answer two main questions:

Discuss the core elements related to leadership style, internal operations, and external relations that are important to support growth and resilience for a nonprofit organization.

What evidence is there, in human services (nonprofit) or any other relevant sector, of a link between these leadership elements and organizational resilience?

Please read the Growth and Resilience of Pioneering Nonprofit Human Service Organizations: A Cross-Case Analysis of Organizational HistoriesPreview the document research article to complete the discussion questions. You may provide other examples as well.