3 Assignments Business Admin

1st Assignment( I believe there is a Case Study, I need to send tommorow for this one)

Cost Analysis and Business Planning

Write a paper between 700 and 1,000 words addressing the following:

Part 1, Sections 1-2: Provide calculations and a solution for total variable costs, break even in sales volume (number of members), break even in sales (in dollars), and margin of safety.

Part 1, Section 3: Respond to the questions included with the case study.

Part 1, Section 4: Assume you decide to invest in the franchise. Provide a description and estimates in dollars for monthly sales, variable and fixed expenses. Explain how you determined each number and provide a written list of assumptions.

A case study and instructions are provided during week five.

Format the paper consistent with APA guidelines. Deliverables: Paper (MS Word) and Excel File (optional). Review your Originality Report generated from SafeAssign. A new originality report is created with each attempt. Your last attempt is used for grading.

3rd Assignment( will have to send this information tomorrow, not sure where it is)

Budget Preparation/Variance Analysis

The purpose of this assignment is to evaluate and prepare a budget.

Resources: Excel File. Tutorials and links to Excel help files were provided during week one of our class.


1. Download the Excel file provided. The file is available at the end of week five.

2. Read the instructions tab.

3. Complete the Budget and Variance Analysis tab.

4. Submit the completed Excel file.