Sentiment Analysis And Progress, Business Report Presentation

1. (Sentiment Analysis and Progress)

Write a 1-2-page APA formatted paper with citations and references analyzing sentiment analysis. Within your paper, discuss what sentiment analysis is used for and provide examples of popular application. List the steps in the sentiment analysis process and briefly compare the two methods for polarity identification. (Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document)

2. (Business Report Presentation)

The objective of this week’s deliverable is to provide Robert M. Lopez with a business report presentation of your findings.

Use the modified spreadsheet that you submitted in Module 04 for this deliverable.

Your report should visually identify:

  1. Outliers
  2. Sales      consultants trending towards noncompliance

Using the excel spreadsheet as input, create a visual representation of the data. Use the visual representation of the data in a 2-3 slide PowerPoint of your findings. (Save your slides as a Microsoft PowerPoint)