1. Topic:      Professional Communication in a Digital, Social, Mobile World. We learned      the importance of effective communication and explained what it means to      communicate in a professional context, how communication process model and      the ways social media are changing the nature of business      communication.  Now, please use business communication technique and      answer the following question in Essay format.  The total word limits      up to 100 words max.

Why communication matters to you, to your career and to your study and to the companies where you will work; and what makes business communication effective?

2.Topic: Communication Challenges in a Diverse and Global Marketplace.  Discuss the opportunities and challenges of interpersonal communication. Please be sure to include characteristics of diversity and your personal experiences of diversity in interpersonal communication

3. Identify the four aspects of being sensitive to audience needs when writing business messages.  Please be specific and give your personal examples.

4. Explain how establishing your credibility and projecting your company’s image are vital aspects of building strong relationships with your audience. Be specific and give your personal examples.

5. Explain how to achieve a tone that is conversational but businesslike, explain the value of using plain language, and define “active voice and “passive voice.” Be specific and give your personal examples.

6. Describe six common types of routine replies and positive messages. Be specific and give detailed examples

7. Discuss the value of careful revision, and describe the tasks involved in evaluating your first drafts and the work of other writers. Be specific and give detailed examples.

8. Define and describe “Primary Research” and “Secondary Research” and give 3 specific examples of “primary research and secondary research. Be specific and give detailed examples.

9. Explain five characteristics of effective report content and list six strategies to strengthen a proposal argument. Be specific and give detailed examples.

10. Please write a brief personal statement.  Tell me about yourself.  Please use “active voice.”  The total word limits up to 100 words max.