EDU 573

Lesson Plan Activity 2: Lesson Plan Development

Your textbook has a template for a lesson plan, and this is the backdrop for how the plan is organized. You may need to modify the outline to better fit your specific plan.

  • Create the objectives (ensuring that each objective is measurable) for your lesson plan and describe how they relate to either Common Core Standards or your state’s requirements.
  • Create the evaluation methodology for measuring authentic learning within your plan.
  • Today’s students are living in a world where technology is interwoven into most aspects of their lives. Identify the kind of technology that helps to bring a different dimension to your plan.
  • In what way does the technology benefit your students?
  • What is your backup in the event the technology is not available on the day of your teaching?

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

  • Create a lesson plan that outlines objectives and the instructional and assessment strategies.