Two Article Summaries

Only two articles are required by the professor despite what the direction says. I placed four articles just to have options on which two you would like to select.


Refer back to Chapter 2 for how to critically read research articles. In this assignment, you will begin to review the articles you found last week and provide a summary of four articles that are useful for your emerging research idea. The articles must be research studies where data was collected. Theory pieces are fine for your paper, but not for this assignment.

  1. Please use this worksheet to help you organize your summaries.
  2. Please provide all four articles as attached PDFs.

Please note, that while you are only required to submit summaries of four articles, you are responsible for having read at least 10 empirical resources that will be cited in your final research proposal. You may use this worksheet template for other articles to help you get your ideas organized.


Download the Four Summaries worksheet.Preview the document

  • Upload your article summaries here via Turnitin
  • APA format, 12 pt, Times New Roman font
  • Due Sunday, 11:59 pm ET
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