Term Paper

Using your Term Project Draft as a starting point, write and submit a paper for your term project that outlines the plan for your chosen company. Your final paper should be informed by weekly class readings and discussions and include the following elements:

Your project should include the following elements:

  • Project Charter including:
    • Project team (including functional managers)
    • Statement of Work (including goal, scope of work, location, period of performance, deliverables schedule, standards, acceptance criteria, special requirements, type of contract, misc.)
    • Gantt chart
  • Supplier identification methods and results (how did you find the suppliers?)
  • Vendor selection matrix
  • A written contract for a good or service, informed by scope of work, including relevant clauses
  • Budget

Your paper should be double-spaced and reference your resources, such as professional journals and the like. For more details about the term project, see Company and Term Project in the week 1 lecture.  Note you will only be able to submit one document for this submission due to limitations of the system, unfortunately.

Attached is my term paper draft

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