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Title: The Origin of Language

Thread: It is clear from a biblical and scientific perspective that language is a uniquely human activity. The scientific enigma that encompasses language origin centers on whether language can be a naturally evolving entity or whether it points to and requires a designer. There is ample biblical information supporting the emergence of language from a creator. However, there are many people who will reject the Bible as a reliable source. Therefore, develop a response to someone asking about the origin of language using nonbiblical and scientific support. Be sure to include APA formatted references and citation.


Taylor, C.  (1997). The Origin of Language. Journal Creation.   https://creation.com/origin-of-language

Vajda,E.  (2001)The Origin of Language.   http://pandora.cii.wwu.edu/vajda/ling201/test1materials/origin_of_language.htm

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