Business Law Part 1 Analysis

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Case Analysis

In light of your understanding of the civil and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process, consider the following scenario:

Pete was seriously injured when the four-wheeled all-terrain vehicle (ATV) he was driving through the trails behind his house rolled over. As a result of his injuries, Pete is unable to work and has incurred $75,000 in medical bills. Pete has filed a lawsuit against the ATV manufacturer to receive compensation for the financial harm resulting from his injuries. Pete claims that the manufacturer defectively designed the ATV, causing it to have a tendency to roll over on rough terrain.

The ATV manufacturer claims that the ATV is not defectively designed and that the rollover was caused by Pete driving at an excessive rate of speed around a corner.

Consider the steps in civil litigation and ADR, and assess the factors that Pete and the ATV manufacturer will consider when deciding whether they should settle this lawsuit. If you were Pete’s lawyer, what resolution would you advise? Be sure to consider the primary forms of ADR and all ADR (Look at attachments 2-4) factors described in the lesson and textbook.

Finally, research and select at least one case from an outside source to support your resolution to the ATV case. Include an introduction in your paper.

Your answer must be at least two pages in length (APA Format). Adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment.

By the way, I have several attachments below where will aid you with this assignment. The first attachment is a study guide. The second attachments is Textbook pages to look-over for any insight or detail on the unit or lesson. Lastly, are screen shot of the steps in Civil Lawsuit & Forms of ADR.

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