Physical Security Research Paper

For this assignment, you will research and expound on the following questions as they relate to physical security(information technology)?

  • List, explain and cite all levels of physical security (one   paragraph on each with different sub-header, citation, and detail   explanation on all five levels
  • What is the objective of physical barriers as it relates to  this week’s reading assignment?
  • What is the value of   planning?
  • According to your  reading material, itemize all information a security plan should contain,      then explain at least three?
  • Requirements

– 6 pages

– APA 6th Edition

– 0 plagiarism

– 0 grammerly

– 10-12 citations and 10+ different peer-reviewed references.

– Do not cite at the end of paragraph

– Minimum 4 lines for a paragraph

– The use of conjunctions at the beginning of a sentence is unacceptable in academic writing

The reading assignment has been attached

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