Case Study

For this assignment, write a 2-page paper using the textbook or other research based on the following:

Title Page (1 page)

Body of Paper (2 pages)

  • First Paragraph – briefly describe the scenario
  • Second Paragraph – discuss what you would do as the teacher in this room.  How would you handle Trevor?  How would you help the other students deal with Trevor’s behavior?  Start the paragraph with, “As the teacher in this classroom . . .”
  • Third Paragraph – discuss what you would say to Trevor’s parents.  Start the paragraph with, “When talking to Trevor’s parents . . . “
  • Fourth Paragraph – discuss how you would feel and what you might do if you were a parent of another student in Trevor’s class.  Start the paragraph with, “As a parent of a student in Trevor’s room . . .”
  • Fifth Paragraph – write a brief summary (at least three sentences) to conclude this paper.

Reference page (1 page)

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