300 Words Question Answer , 100 Words Peer Review

In 300 words or more, use at least 2 of this week’s readings to describe some ways that technology has impacted modern notions of sex, love, and romance. You must reference each of the two texts you choose to focus on at least once in order to receive full credit,

Also, please respond to one peer in no less than 100 words.

Here is the classmates writing that need to response:

Technology has become much more involved in modern romance than ever before. Whether it is the use of online dating apps or the availability of devices to send and receive sex/romance-related material, there is hardly a relationship in today’s’ society that does not use technology as a means of relationship communication. This large influence has created both positive and negative impacts on the notions of sex, love, and romance. For instance, in Emily Setty’s article, a negative impact is discussed that outlines some of the wrong paths taken in regard to sexual encounters through the use of technology. The piece addresses the aspects of sexting and states, “Discomfort around youth sexting, as it is termed, relates not just to its legal status, but also to broader, long-standing social and moral anxieties around youth, sexuality, and digital communication technology” indicating that sexting.” It is seen in this article that sexting, while not to everybody, may have a very negative impact on the notions of perceived love between two people and may violate social acceptances. Hiding behind a screen is an easy way to target vulnerable people to do things they may not be comfortable with and use that in negative ways. Similarly, in Laura Thompson’s piece, it is discussed that people hiding behind screens may take out their own insecurities on others based on a lack of personal contact with one another. It is much easier to be rude online than it is to someone’s face and technology is the perfect path to do so. It has impacted conversations between people to be harsher and less intimate because there are fewer consequences when you know you do not have to face the person face to face. These conversations are expected to be private, meaning anything can be said without having to answer to someone reactio in person. Thompson’s article works to “expose the…harassment and misogyny on online dating services” and create awareness for what happens behind a screen when dealing with the valuable ideas of sex, love, and romance.

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