Project 4 And 5

In this assignment you will write a 5 page paper discussing the “Foundations of Data Mining”.  The paper will compare “Data Mining” to “Traditional Business Reporting”.

The paper must be APA compliant to include at least 5 academic resources.  The page count does not include title page or Reference page.

While this weeks topic highlighted the uncertainty of Big Data, the author identified the following as areas for future research.  Pick one of the following for your Research paper.:

  • Additional study must be performed on the interactions between each big data characteristic, as they do not exist separately but naturally interact in the real world.
  • The scalability and efficacy of existing analytics techniques being applied to big data must be empirically examined.
  • New techniques and algorithms must be developed in ML and NLP to handle the real-time needs for decisions made based on enormous amounts of data.
  • More work is necessary on how to efficiently model uncertainty in ML and NLP, as well as how to represent uncertainty resulting from big data analytics.
  • Since the CI algorithms are able to find an approximate solution within a reasonable time, they have been used to tackle ML problems and uncertainty challenges in data analytics and process in recent years.
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