Discussion 6-507

  • Watch the video provided (https://youtu.be/ECjL3SEfniU)
  • Explain how this video will be helpful while doing a research project.
  • Explain what specific portions of the video were helpful to you and how.
  • Define the concept “validity” as it applies to action research.
  • Describe how the preservice teacher in the chapter 6 case study first page in the chapter) addressed issues of validity in her action research study to improve student understanding and motivation of multiplication facts.
  • How did Alyson Marland determine if her intervention was effective?
  • Define reliability in your own words as it relates to action research.
  • Describe how Alyson Marland’s action research study does or does not address issues of reliability.
  • APA 6th style , add citations please.
  • Chapter attached

Textbook info: Mills, G.E. (2018). Action Research. A Guide for the Teacher Researcher. Pearson

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