Hendrix Was A Curator Of Vintage Guitars

Hendrix was a curator of vintage guitars.  He had such a reputation that if he ever showed interest in the guitar the price would start climbing.  As a result, Hendrix hired Vaughan as an agent to help locate and purchase a 1950’s Gibson Les Paul (a type of guitar).  Vaughan was given the authority to purchase the guitar with a maximum of $15,000.

Vaughan bought a Gibson Les Paul for $17,000 from Clapton. Hendrix was shocked when he saw the cost of the guitar.  Hendrix immediately fired Vaughan.

Not having a better idea of what to do with the guitar, Hendrix put it on display in his guitar shop with a $18,000 price tag. When the best offer he got for the guitar was $14,500, Hendrix returned the guitar to Clapton. Hendrix told Clapton that Vaughan had exceeded his authority in purchasing the guitar, and he demanded that Clapton refund the $17,000 that Vaughan had paid for the guitar.

Does Clapton have to refund the money for the guitar because Vaughn exceeded his authority?  Do you think that is fair?

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